Trouble with the Curve

By junemark1
Written October 07, 2012
Great movie, had us at tears one moment and laughing the next...Clint Eastwood never fails as one of the greatest actors of all times. Will recommend to all my friends!
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By joecul
Written July 26, 2014
My wife, our friend & I enjoyed it. One of the main reasons I enjoyed it is I love Clint Eastwood. My question is, "How long can Clint keep playing a cantankerous old man with a raspy voice?" Here in "TWTC", he again plays a grumpy old man part and does it really well. But two movies in a row (Torino), may be a bit much. It was well written, along with the expert direction, camera angles & continuity editing made it an enjoyable movie easy to follow.. Eastwood's captivating performance along with the wonderful talents of Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, & John Goodman, make you actually feel their character's up & down frustrations & emotions. This all brought the movie to LIFE, even got my emotions activated. The only thing that caught MY eye was the ending.. I won't give it away, but in the last few minutes, everything seemingly came together with UNBELIEVABLE circumstances. It was like they needed to finalize the movie, so they dreamed up this "ah come on" climax.
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Pleasantly Surprised

By cosette1961
Written September 23, 2012
Contrary to several reviews, I did NOT find the movie slow, but rather appreciated it's willingness to develop a few characters. I read several negative references to Money Ball similarities, but wasn't that the point? Every plot/subplot could be boiled down to "it's not about the stats." In fact, the only negative note I had was that Mickey (Amy Adams) uses the phrase "it's not something you can put down on paper" on 2 different occasions when pushed by her "on paper" perfect boyfriend to be exclusive. It's like twice using a fancy adjective you looked up in a thesaurus and pretending you didn't notice. Justin Timberlake was irresistible (is there anyone who didn't love this character and his performance?). Eastwood's ability to subtly snarl and exhale at the same time was magnificent, even for Eastwood -- it may be Eastwood's new stereotype but who better to play the part? Loved the soundtrack. I'll never be able to hear You Are My Sunshine again without crying.
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Enjoyable Movie

By khaganbembas
Written October 03, 2012
Three couples went last night in spite of the low rating by the critics. I had heard that Eastwood's character was similar to the one he played in GRAN TORINO. That IS always the character he plays...crusty but a softie on the inside. All of us truly enjoyed the movie. Our ages ranged from 55-72. Amy Adams was good, but Timberlake even more enjoyable.
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trouble with the curve

By leon brooks
Written September 30, 2012
This was a wonderful entertaining very well acted movie.It made me feel so good at the end.I highly recommend it.Clint Eastwood sure is an incredible talent
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