Just Good Entertainment

By hiddencreek1
Written May 25, 2016
Through the Curve is just good entertainment - no deep message, no blood and guts, no nudity, no major profanity - just laughing, crying, agreeing, disagreeing, where the good guy get the girl and the bully "gets his," and spending an enjoyable afternoon at the movies. Go see it.
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No Trouble with Trouble with the Curve

By elkieg
Written October 21, 2012
Four of us (two couples) went to see Trouble with the Curve and we all loved it. I was hesitant to go because of Clint Eastwood's RNC stunt but he's too good an actor/director to pass up. We were not disappointed. There are tense moments and happy moments. There are aspects for the men and women watching. Although some of the plot is predictable, it is still really enjoyable to watch.Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman all did a great job too. I don't know his name, but the actor who places the "computer scout" must have been a good actor, because I HATED him. Go see it and enjoy!
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Trouible with the Curve

By zorro007
Written September 22, 2012
This movie is actually better than So-So, but not a definite Go. Clint is Gus, a baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves. He used to be considered one of the very best. His eyesight has gotten worse. Some of the boys in charge upstairs are wondering if he can still do the job including Vince(played by Robert Patrick) who would like to see him gone. The pressure is on for Gus (Clint) to get il right in scouting a hot prospect--Bo Gentry (Joe Massingill). His daughter, Mickey, (Amy Adams), is approached by Gus's long-time friend and head of scouting for the Braves, Pete Klein (John Goodman) to find out if Gus still has what it takes. Mickey and Gus have many unsettled issues and then Johnny (Justin Timberlake), new scout for the Red Sox, reenters Gus's life and so enters Amy's life. Seeing Clint shed a tear or two might be enough for some to go see this movie. A young Eastwood (not Clint)can be seen at the start of the movie and a highly satisfactory ending are two more.
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Trouble with the Curve

By alanmpollard
Written September 24, 2012
The movie was very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please make sure to stay for the movie closing credits and listen to the very last song called "On My Way" written by Colby Pollard. Excellent song and befitting to the film. The song is going to be a hit.
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Double Trouble

By MikeOC35
Written September 30, 2012
Most Americans can relate to a good baseball story, especially when it involves a great interpersonal struggle and/or love story as expressed by actors with the talent to make it real. Clint, Amy, Justin and John hit a homerun here. Interestingly enough, trouble with the curve happens from both sides. My local paper labeled me as a "fireballer" but I never mastered the curve and my career ended in college.
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