By moviepenpal
Written October 17, 2012
Some critics and reviewers need to separate their political views from a movie review! The movie is an all round movie for many viewers not just a select audience. It's about people that work in baseball and their family relationship not just baseball. All the actors delivered their characters just as they should have. You will see the club,feel for the loss, dislike the jerk, and hope for healing and love. The movie was just the right combo of drama, comedy and love with enough baseball thrown in to satisfy baseball fans (not fanatics). The only bad thing about the movie is a line that mentioned the Kardashian family. I liked this movie so much I will buy it when it comes out on DVD.
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Trouble with The Curve

By denise825
Written October 24, 2012
I thought this movie was very good. It is a good family movie. Everyone should go and see this movie. Cllint did a very good job at directing this film. All the actors did a great job in the role that they were playing.
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Trouble with the Curve (93/100)

By phillyeaglesfan769
Written May 22, 2014
This film portrays Clint Eastwood at his best. Every baseball fan in America should see this movie!!!! Very well done!
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Good movie

By lori1969
Written July 24, 2016
We liked it. It would've been even better without all the profanity. Not for ages less than 14 due to language or I would call it a good family film. Clint Eastwood still has it!
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By lakeshoregirl
Written September 25, 2012
Fabulous movie. Great story as well as great acting. You laugh you cry. A wonderful story about a father and daughters relationship, dysfunctional as it is, and mutual their triumph. A MUST see.
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