No Trouble with This Curve

By robbbie
Written September 23, 2012
This movie is worth the price. No it is not an Academy Award Winner, but it is a real winner as Clint Eastwood movies are. You will love this movie. I had to be excused badly toward the end, and I mean badly. I couldn't leave in order to see what happened.......That good! Go entertain yourself for the evening.
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Best movie this year!

By zhonor
Written September 23, 2012
Was surprised that both my husband and myself both thought it was the best movie we saw this year. Even though you knew where it was going it fun just getting there :) Good story- good directing and great casting. The acting was top shelf for sure.
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By rhwasc
Written September 24, 2012
In early days this would have been an excellent programmer but because the quality of films is so bad this steps up to A Class. Many traditional archs to the characters and story but because they are so well liked you embrace their story. Well worth watching but nothing extraordinary, just really good film making.
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Trouble with the Curve

By Druann
Written September 22, 2012
Other than them using God's name in vain it was a good movie. I'm not sure why they have to feel like they need to use bad language in movies.
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Trouble With The Curve

By rakahess
Written July 24, 2014
It is an entertaining movie with a good story line that doesn't require mental exertion to follow. It is an "easy" form of escape and after all isn't that what we go to the movies for? Liked by one and all.
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