Eye opening in many ways

By SpiderSenseTingling
Written September 07, 2008
Not being from that area, you hear on the news how terrible Katrina was but you didn't really understand the impact until after you see this movie. Takes you behind the scenes of what life was like for some in NO before and after Katrina, and see how government doesn't treat those in need adequately. Life isn't fair. Eye opening.
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Very interesting look at Katrinia's impact on the people of the lower 9th ward

By lmaturo
Written January 21, 2015
Apparently someone in the lower ninth ward, who did not evacuate, had a movie camera going during the hurricane. Very interesting look at what it was like to stay with the water rising. It also showed how people helped each other. It also showed our government's less than stellar response, and the non-repsonse of both the city and state. In my opinion they should be the first responders to things like this, not the federal government, and they failed totally. It also showed how people, who left afterwards, could see what a terrible life they had, and to appreciate how it could be better if they didn't go back. Depressingly, it also showed that in the end, they couldn't prevent themselves from going back. This was not a slick documentary. Most of it was by the people these things actually happened to, so it was much more compelling to watch than a normal documentary would be. Even a lot of the totally bad camera work enhanced the feeling of being there.
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Amazing, powerful film

By LDominic
Written August 24, 2008
A 24 year old street hustler from the 9th ward (and her dope dealer husband) film Katrina as it is happening, and then continues to film for a year and a half afterwards. She films the water rising outside her home to the top of stop signs. She films her trips to the FEMA office trying to get compensation. She films their relocation to Memphis and their return home. My husband always falls asleep in movies but he didnt sleep for this one. We walked out of the theater stunned from this story of redemption, hope and despair. One of the best movies of the year.
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Trouble The Water

By cathy2950
Written November 02, 2008
This film was very interesting. It provided us with actual accounts of what families experienced during and after the hurricane and the levee breach. I am amazed at how the government treated the people of Louisiana. People that worked here, paid taxes, etc. More assistance is provided to other countries that was provided to people of their own country. This is totally unacceptable! The government should be ashamed. CLR Houston, Texas
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Must see

By justthisonce
Written November 02, 2008
The beginning was a bit slow and I'm not sure I would have edited the same way going back and forth from past to present so much but all in all it was a fabulous movie. It was sad, frightening, eye-opening and uplifting. Even if you think you know the story, you will get a first-hand account of what really happened. It will also give you a glimpse and some understanding of the lives of people from another culture.
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