Tropic Thunder Synopsis
A pampered actor and his co-stars become part of a real war in a Southeast Asian jungle.
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Using "retard" to describe Simple Jack is uncool

By andersox
I've always liked Ben Stiller but I'm going to pass on this movie. It's so wrong to call a person with developmental disabilities a "retard." People with disabilities have enough challenges and...

Gotta see Downey Jr

By chapman412yahoocom
The movie started out great. I couldn't think of a better way to start the movie to create the back story. The previews were part of the greatness of the movie. The second greatest part was the...

Tropic Thunder

By scrapper11
I thought it was insanely funny, the whole theater was cracking up especially the character simple Jack. With a team of comedians like that it had to be. The story and plot were great! But it is not...

I have never been so offended in my life.

By poiemacrane
This movie had great potential, but it was never realized. The idea was hilarious. The material was not. Whoever came up with blending the beginning of the movie with the the preview trailers was was...

Not a bad comedy, but..

By ubstudios
Not entirely perfect either. The movie has its funny moments, but there are times when it felt the direction didn't know where to go. Was this going to be an action movie, or is it a comedy. The...


By moodrojam
I saw an advanced screening of the film, a week prior to general release. I personally enjoyed, nay, loved this film. The plot was on point for its comedic nature. I don't consider this a parody,...

the most ive laughed out loud in a while

By sammski
im sure im saying what most other people are on here, but this is one of the most blatantly hilarious movies ive seen in a while. i was getting tired of Ben Stiller and Jack Black (Robert Downey Jr?,...

Tropic Thunder SUX **** !!!

By Redneck Dragon
Just another lame ***movie about a stupid war that we did not exactly win. The director, ben stiller's WET DREAM that we actually did win. What's next??? ben stiller's WET DREAM about the war in...

Fun Time

By RandytheMovieFan
Lots of laughs, some good stunts and a few nice surprises along the way including a major star made almost unrecognizable in one of the smaller roles. Won't remember much of this movie two weeks...


By critical-bandit
I haven't been much more hyped to see a movie than i was for Tropic Thunder. The characters were perfect (although I was disappointed, Robert Downey jr. should still win some award for his...

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