Using "retard" to describe Simple Jack is uncool

By andersox
Written August 11, 2008
I've always liked Ben Stiller but I'm going to pass on this movie. It's so wrong to call a person with developmental disabilities a "retard." People with disabilities have enough challenges and enough social stigma without the media offering it as entertainment. To me, Simple Jack isn't the one with mental deficiencies--Ben Stiller and the folks at Dreamworks are.
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Gotta see Downey Jr

By chapman412yahoocom
Written August 18, 2008
The movie started out great. I couldn't think of a better way to start the movie to create the back story. The previews were part of the greatness of the movie. The second greatest part was the cameos. I won't reveal the second one but it a good one. Overall, the movie started out awesome. It slowed a little in the middle but for the most part. Probably as funny as the modern classics (Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, 40 Year Old Virgin)
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I have never been so offended in my life.

By poiemacrane
Written August 19, 2008
This movie had great potential, but it was never realized. The idea was hilarious. The material was not. Whoever came up with blending the beginning of the movie with the the preview trailers was was brilliant, but the material used was so offensive it had most people in shocked silence instead of laughter (i.e. the "Booty Sweat" segment). The language was way over the top. The F-word was used more than all other combined. The graphic nature of the gore was more akin to "Saw" or "The Hills Have Eyes". I know that it is meant to make fun of the more recent war/action movies such as "Rambo", but it was way over the top. I was hoping for a good laugh. I usually get one from Black and Stiller, but I was mostly just embarrassed. The audience at my showing laughed at about 10% of the material (mostly from Robert Downey Jr.) but sat in stunned silence for the rest. This movie has a well deserved R rating, but I think an NC-17 would've been safer. I expected a lot more from the cast & crew
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the most ive laughed out loud in a while

By sammski
Written August 04, 2008
im sure im saying what most other people are on here, but this is one of the most blatantly hilarious movies ive seen in a while. i was getting tired of Ben Stiller and Jack Black (Robert Downey Jr?, never.) but i sincerely enjoyed this film because both Stiller and Black do what they do best (and most often), but they poke fun at the fact that really theyve only played one character in the past x years. they seem to have more dimension (thats not the right word, but go with it). Black yelling "dont judge me" as he rushes to get his fix brings depth (again, not having the right word and dramatizing what is a purely silly movie). There are tons of laughs (the trailers at the beginning had me in tears), and the star studded cast definitely delivers, Robert Downey Jr, Jay Baruschel, Steve Coogan (and the ubiquitious best secret appearance by you know who) are the favorites. All in all, a great summer film by which to kill a few braincells and be endlessely entertained.
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Tropic Thunder SUX **** !!!

By Redneck Dragon
Written August 08, 2008
Just another lame ***movie about a stupid war that we did not exactly win. The director, ben stiller's WET DREAM that we actually did win. What's next??? ben stiller's WET DREAM about the war in iraq????
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