A classed

By H3OIndra
Written April 12, 2010
This is a classic that definitely needs to be watched (or rewatched) by anyone thinking of seeing the sequel in December.
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my tron review

By lord-o-movies
Written September 02, 2008
what the hell hard to look at way ahead of its time because special efeects were not as good lame storyline hope the remake is good
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By MattRM24
Written June 05, 2011
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By Velvet Pegasus
Written March 09, 2011
When this chance comes-up again - don't walk but run to get a ticket. The room that night was jam packed. The movie itself has a surprisingly complex storyline, visual effects & acting - all noticeably enjoyed by the reaction of an adoring crowd from 7 year olds to 70 plus. Blow-the-mind Facts: Very little of this movie was actually made on a computer - as noted by writer/director Lisberger and the Visual Effects guru's. Continuous movement did not exist on computer screens at that time - nor did email. Lisberger noted the visual effects guys would actually have to take Poloroid shots of their computer screen, and MAIL them to the director for review.. Jeff Bridges and the other greats were phenominal - Bridges himself is a riot ..! These filmmakers that night were brilliant, humble and very informative.. Their comradery, jokes and sheer technical insights just blew the mind - as did their palpable respect for one another - in the making of this groundbreaking film.
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Written March 07, 2011
Awesome, ground braking and one of a kind. Super cool to have Steve Leisberger there with 4 other Fx crew members from the movie at the Aero Theater.
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