Tron Synopsis
A video-game designer (Jeff Bridges) becomes part of an evil superuser's software inside a computer.
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A classed

By H3OIndra
This is a classic that definitely needs to be watched (or rewatched) by anyone thinking of seeing the sequel in December....

my tron review

By lord-o-movies
what the hell hard to look at way ahead of its time because special efeects were not as good lame storyline hope the remake is good...

By MattRM24


By ArtHouseGuy65
Rented the Ken cinema out so my son could see this on the big screen like I did in the summer of 82. It was a great experience to share with him and the rest of our family...


By sresaw
Tron is a classic 80's movie. It is one of my 11 year old sons favorites, and it was great to have the opportunity to see it on the big screen....

Excellent Q&A!

By FlynnsArcade
Great Q&A and the film holds up well on 70mm. Kudos to AC for keeping these films alive as they were meant to be seen....


By Velvet Pegasus
When this chance comes-up again - don't walk but run to get a ticket. The room that night was jam packed. The movie itself has a surprisingly complex storyline, visual effects & acting - all...


Awesome, ground braking and one of a kind. Super cool to have Steve Leisberger there with 4 other Fx crew members from the movie at the Aero Theater....


By tijana
Special effects were OFF THE CHARTS. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They could have done so much better with the story however. Given the possibilities, it felt as if they took the easy way out...

Very cheesey

By jtello4444
This movie was good when it came out in the 80s but now it looks like a movie a 3 year old would make. It is very boring and the plot is aweful but the action is very good (sometimes). Tron Legacy is...

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Rated PG
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Common Sense Media says Dated and mediocre but kid-friendly sci-fi from Disney.
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