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I've never seen the first Tron and I'm not a Trekki

By sengseng
Written August 11, 2015
For those who want an opinion on the movie from someone who has never seen the first movie nor is a science fiction freak, this may be the review for you. My expectations for the movie weren't high, but the story came together well. It wasn't overly complicated or techie. It was also not like the Matrix where there was a lot of jumping back and forth from two realities. The characters were framed nicely so that it was easy to become attached. The effects were dazzling, and one could go just to enjoy the wonders of a world created by one man (Jeff Bridges) in 3D and still go home satisfied. The ending was slightly confusing, because there were a couple of unanswered questions, so who knows if there will be a sequel. Kids would like this for the effects and the action, since the movie is a little more intellectual than most PG flicks, but that leaves room for parents to enjoy it, too. I would see it again, if that's any indication of my satisfaction.
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TRON... Win!

By Jeff N
Written August 11, 2015
This movie was so awesome I created an account just to give it a good review. I don't know what is wrong with the "professional" critics... Answer: The movie didn't have a gay love scene in it so the pros don't like it. Anyways, it had everything most people want like sick special effects, tons of fight scenes, characters you care about, and some romance! I'm definitely going to see it again :)
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Tron: Legacy Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written August 11, 2015
75 out of 100 Visually dazzling but could get slow at sometimes in this fun sci-fi father-and-son movie pick.
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By imax3d dude
Written August 11, 2015
awesome movie. great action great plot and great everything
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Tron: Legacy

By Monicas Fan
Written August 11, 2015
Cool special effects. Best when Jeff Bridges appears in the scene. At times, I wanted to go to the lobby to read a book.
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