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Mishmash of a bunch of Sci-Fi movies

Written December 15, 2010
I got to see a special viewing a few days before the release and I thought TRON Legacy was a mishmash of a bunch of Sci-Fi movies. There's a little bit of Batman Begins and a little bit of The Matrix and even a little bit of Star Wars. The thing is...I love those franchises so I am a little bias in that sense. I liked the original TRON but there is nothing fresh about Legacy other than it looking more pretty. Jeff Bridges is his usually excellent self and Olivia Wilde exudes hotness...But that couldn't carry this movie to Disney glory. Garrett Hedlund was okay as the protagonist. Nothing special. The writing and directing was sub-par but the cinematography was unbelievable. The world of TRON: Legacy was beautiful to look at, yet a little scary. Adding 3D was okay but was not necessary. This is a beautiful movie but its not for the young ones. The violence is animated but it is violence just the same. Overall, if you like Sci-Fi, you like this movie.
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Big hype, mixed delivery

By chalfontsis
Written December 16, 2010
If you think this is the 2nd coming of Avatar as far as effects go, it is not. In fact, in less you are a die-hard 3D geek, I'd recommend saving the money all-together. The effects are decent, but hit very good only in the last 20 minutes (even in IMAX). In fact, the "real world" is shot in 2D and most of the 3D is just people-nothing jumps off the screen. The ins and outs of the cyberworld are very hard to follow-.think one step below The Matrix. Adults did not understand it all, and I can tell you kids will find it even harder to follow. Parents: Pure PG, no scary stuff.. but again is very "talky" and hard to follow. Its a fun ride, just nothing spectacular.
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Great movie

By movie_madness777
Written December 18, 2010
I saw the original in the movie back in 1982. This movie you are either going to like it or NOT like it. If you are going in expecting to see a "remake" or an updated version of the original, you will be disappointed. If takes up where the other leaves off, but the special effects are WAY WAY better. THe story does get a little sappy at times. I think they spent a little extra time with the father/son bonding time, where I think they could have used that time for some more lightscycle battles or maybe a Jai Lai or indentity ring battle (there are a couple). The story is somewhat predictable, but then again, whem movie these days isn't?. It is defaintely a stroll down nostalia lane for sure. I will definately see it again!
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Tron legacy is a flop

By zombiekiller347
Written December 24, 2010
Entering Tron legacy i had heard mixed comments that is was good and bad so my mind was open, but before the main character even entered the computer world i was tempted to get up and ask for my money back, because at that point my mind had already felt confused by the actions and conversations of characters, but i stayed in my seat a waited it out. I ended the film feeling terrible the special effects did not make up for the lack if story and plot that was so full of holes it would make rat cheese jealous.SPOILERS the plot gave use more questions than answers like, even if clue escaped how would he take over the world, his army was tiny and not to mention only using glowing nightsticks, also if clue was created to create a perfect world what was he erasing? this eutopia looks fine to me, why did clue after getting the disk put four guards to watch the thing out of a few thousand guards?! These are just a few of the things that were wrong with it, spent your money somewhere else this
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TRON ties 80s pop culture to 90s FX

By ldbaldwin
Written December 26, 2010
I enjoyed TRON. I have never seen the original and I did not feel like I was missing anything or any part of the back story. To me, that was the good AND bad thing about TRON....its missing back story. It will fascinate you with special effects, the music (by Daft Punk) is one of the best things about the movie and it will provide you with suspense - but a real true story line is sorely missing. TRON is still worth seeing but do us all a favor and skip the 3D....its not really worth it and honestly, was a bit distracting.
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