Triple 9 Synopsis
In TRIPLE 9, a crew of dirty cops is blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist. The only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for “officer down”.
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Tragically bad!

By rudyinsidetheu
This was too decent of a cast for this movie to have been so freaking awful. You find yourself feeling bad for the main character at the end. But this movie just sucked to high heaven. Storyline was...

A-list actors, D-list plot

By TommyBoy2016
Saw this as a free screening. With the big names, was hoping for a good movie. Nope. The plot doesn't make sense, Casey chews too much gum, and Kate smokes too many cigarettes. If don't care about a...

Tirple 9 - Triple Stars - Must See

By msveni35
Triple 9 not only had an all-star cast, in my opinion, but also had an amazing plot, climax and ending. Casey Affleck's character was so cool and innocent, yet had this rugged and hardcore edge. ...

Great! Action packed!

By daniellemiller154


By berniemata2010
Mazing!! Great movie start to finish...

A Great Return to 70s Crime Dramas

By Hal Somerville
Like Taxi Driver, Mean Streets and The French Connection, this is a pure heart thumping, taut and gritty cops and crime drama. Award winning cast of the best "street" actors of our time, the film...

Where Are the Heroes

By dware252
This was a dark, somber, shoot-em-up movie, with lots of bad guys and few good guys. The plot was serpentine and at times hard to follow, but the action was good and the movies flowed fast. Would I...


By lesterhowardizstoopi
You won't even kno who to root for. That's all I can say. Must see!...

Stupid Movie

By burdy13
Don't waste your time. Another dumb liberal movie. With dirty, bank robber/ murdering drug addict cops. No plot plus bad acting. What's up with Casey and the non stop gum smacking? Woody Harrelson...


By jamesdemopolis
All these good actors yet it lacked creativity. Just didn't have that "it" factor. Nobody takes control of this film. It's all over the place. Wait for dvd on this one....

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Rated R | For Strong violence and language throughout, drug use and some nudity.
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Common Sense Media says Complex, vivid crime story; very strong violence, language.
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