Trick 'R Treat Synopsis
A small town is terrorized on Halloween when its inhabitants don't keep the rituals of All Hallows Eve.
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Spooky movie for a SPOOKY month!!

By nicbnxrich
I had a chance to go to an advanced screening of this film two weeks ago and all I can say is WOW!!! Very much has that old school creepy vibe going for it. It is very reminiscent of good "multiple...

Trick 'r Treat

By movie_fanatic_1
Trick 'r Treat was one of the best halloween horror movies I have ever seen. I loved how all the stories somehow intertwine and meet at some point. The town that loves Halloween so much has way more...

A Must See

By movie_lover_all_the_way
why not see it its a horror movie come on now people...


By 2wicked
this movie had a great way of mixing comedy with horror for a hauntingly fantastic time!...

Oh God this movie was dumb!

By ashack19
Watched this movie last night after spending 30 dollars on blue ray - this movie was a huge disappointment. Poor acting.. wasnt scary AT ALL! Not even my 6 year old boys thought it was scary (of...

sounds tight

By horror-fan
im watchin it with my friends the day it comes out! it sound exiting...

Five Word Review

By Mr Yuck
Instant Halloween Classic you'll love!...

Five Word Review

By cool247/365
Great scaryfunny jizzedinmypants fantastic excellent...

Scary is not the word I want to use to describe this film.... I*&^*%&%$$

By flixwatchergal
Okay, are people saying "scary" to describe this movie? Maybe to Mary Poppins. It was not a horror flick but more like a Scary Movie spoof, only on Halloween. No wonder I found it on Amazon so cheap....

Amazingly Awesome Movie!

By mywave4
This movie rocks!! I can't say enough good things about it. The writer/director did an amazing job! The perfect Halloween/scary movie....

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Rated R | For Horror Violence, Some Sexuality/Nudity and Language