Extremely Entertaining

By jojackie
Written August 11, 2008
I saw the review for this film on Ebert and Roeper, and I seriously cannot even remember what they said about it, it was so benign; it just didn't look like something I'd be interested in seeing. Then I had an open lazy Sunday afternoon , and the showtime was an agreeable 3:30, so I went. It was great! I was completely entertained, and Emily Mortimer was outstanding. Just exactly what most moviegoers want from a film- to be transported, transfixed, completely absorbed in the action. Best way to describe it as an experience- satisfying, like a good meal.
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By hammells304
Written September 16, 2008
One of the worst movies ever. Two of the stupidist people in the world take the train across Siberia, making friends with shaky characters, missing connections, being talked into going to remote locations (without adequate clothing). The violence is graphic and disgusting. It is the first movie I have walked out of in 20 years. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
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Tense and suspenseful.....

By HelenMchi
Written September 08, 2008
I loved this movie! I tried not to read too much about it beforehand because so many reviews & trailers have "plot spoilers" - so my attention was held as the plot unfolded. Great performances from Ben Kingsley, Emily Mortimer, Woody Harrelson and Kate Mara (who loses her sunny,cheerleader-y disposition for this performance!) The first half of the film takes place on the Transsiberian train and the claustrophobic atmosphere really added to the tension as the story began to build. The desolate snowscapes and off-the-beaten path locations in rural Russia gave us a peek at how different things are outside of Moscow.
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Not too thrilling

Written September 02, 2008
I was looking for so much more as far as a "who done it" plot. SPOILER: The movie is a what you see is what you get. The characters are not as complex as I would have liked and the only twist is a moral choice made because the character saw herself in the perpetrator turned "victim".
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By bbuck501
Written September 09, 2008
I went thinking, "What a geat faramework for a great movie," the TRansiberian Railway. All-in-all, it was OK, but I felt like the screen paly was under-developed and had potential for being a SUPER thriller. As it was deleivered, just a mediocre mystery.
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