Transporter 3 Slows Down, Faster than before

By Myomovies
Written December 03, 2008
Transporter 3 the third installment of the transporter franchise,with a new director.The main reason the director of the first two films did not return to direct the third one is because the studio did not want him to. He wanted (thought) the main character (was) should be gay.He says his coming out was when he told Amber Valetta in the second film he could not be with her, (he tells her "It's because of who I am") The third film makes a point of convincing the main character Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is not gay. Though the 3 film is different than the first two films in several different ways (His Rules,Women, Way it was Filmed) he Frank Martin sticks to his character and does not disappoint in showing us what we want to see, Action, Adrenaline Action. Not only is the action satisfactory but there is also a story which develops throughout the movie. The story is somewhat obvious and cliche , but for an action movie it does the job of keeping ones attention between, action scenes.
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By Saute3
Written July 23, 2008
yeah, jason statham!
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transporter 3

By giantsfan9162001
Written October 30, 2008
it is one of the best movies ever
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I dont know

By Enolc 117
Written November 13, 2008
it look like a cool movie but the conspect is wack
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Everything But the Girl

By ginalombarda
Written November 30, 2008
If you love the Transporter movies, you will not be disappointed in this. It's so much fun, great stunts as always, and the choreographed martial arts scenes with Statham's hard body are great. The French inspector is back and is given a lot to do; I believe that if you love the Transporter you are equally enamored with the Inspector. The only drawback in my opinion is the poor casting of the package, or the girl. She was unappealing to me, a poor actress, and there was zero chemistry between she and Statham. There is a very ackward scene that is supposed to be sexy. It nearly made me gag. Other than this major misstep, Transporter 3 is great fun, and I couldn't help but compare it to the lackluster Bond movie which is alongside it at the theaters. On to Transporter 4!! Bravo.
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