First Time I Paid to See a GMC Car Commercial

By groovezone
Written July 08, 2007
I can't believe I actually paid $21.50 for two adults to see this lame movie...which really was a two and half hour long GMC car commercial. The plot and action in the movie could have been resolved in less than an hour but yet it dragged on for over twice that amount of time. I guess GMC probably negotiated a certain amount of face time for their product logo GMC appearing front in center on the movie screen, so the director probably had to stretch out the already thin material he had for the story line. Even with the special effects you could still tell the robots were computer generated. If you've seen the GMC/Transformers car commercial on TV then you've already seen this your cash.
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Holy rolling balls of tin foil

By mtdogg
Written May 23, 2008
This movie is not good. Nothing but special effects, i'll be skipping the sequel.
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More Then Meets The Eye

By Bexgurl
Written May 11, 2008
I saw this in theaters, and was totally awesome!!!! It has the greatest special effects I've ever seen!!! It still should have won an Oscar for the special effects though....
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TRANSFORMERS moviebuff56

By moviebuff56
Written May 18, 2008
great movie for the entire family, a must see for everyone. My husband loves special effects movies, so he enjoyed it and so did i. I would go see it again, but i picked up the DVD, SO I CAN ENJOY IT OVER,OVER AGAIN.
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Maaan .... I love this movie please read

By This fans fa you
Written May 12, 2008
I should of became a member of Fandango a long time ago and reviewed this movie. I just watched this movie today and i love watching this movie. The action is great and the special effect are great. The movie is loaded with everything from violence, to humor, to romantic and some sentimental parts in the movie. the robots give you a head first dive and make you imagine if you were to own a robot. Even if everyone has seen this movie and this review is a year late, its still worth the time to sit down and review this movie. So peace and enjoy the new siummer releases.
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