By HerbieC
Written September 22, 2007
I am huge G1 fan and loved the movie the 1st three times I saw it. If you love the movie this summer you absolutely have to watch it on IMAX. It was AWESOME!! The sound was AMAZING with tracks added here and there. The picture quality was AMAZING. The black levels were blacker, the picture was VERY sharp (especially noticeable in the night scenes), I saw a lot of details on the robots I missed the 1st 3 times I saw it . I have to say thought that if you haven't seen this movie yet on the regular screen, a lot of the close up action/fight sequences are going to seems like a blurry/shaky mess on this enormous screen. DEFINITELY worth the $15 here in NYC.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 28, 2009
Too much action .... not!
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Written September 21, 2007
YOOOOOOO, all I have to say is.............OFF THE HOOK, OFF THE CHAIN, & OFF THE MEAT RACK ! This movie is incredible, I kid you not! If you're an 80's baby like me and grew up watching the TRANSFORMERS & you like cars, you have got to see this movie. The action sequences and special effects in this movie are second to none, it has a good storyline, and because of its PG-13 rating the movie is actually very funny on an adult level. I haven't felt like this about a movie since the first time I saw THE MATRIX. I don't care what the critics say I give it 3 & 1/4 stars, this movie rocks! So in closing..............,GO SEE THE TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!!! You won't be disappointed.
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By monie310
Written December 16, 2007
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fun summer blockbuster

By coquine
Written November 12, 2007
i saw it in imax, so the action was great! the comedy was fun, and boy, did it bring back memories of the cartoon/when i was a kid. definitely good entertainment.
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