By baller07
Written July 09, 2009
You parents need to stop complaining... its a movie.. a great movie with awesome effects and imagination... ur kids are eventually gonna hear some things they did hear in the movie... If you are not into robots then dont go........ If you dont want to worry bout ur kids.. then... DONT BRING THEM! its a movie rated PG-13 for a reason 13 year olds, mostly always here this stuff weather u like it or not.. dont bring ur 10 year old if its pg-13 for a reason! it does not need to be rated R... get over it and do what u should have done from the get-go. ....and yes if ur not a parent that complains about everything so little it is a MUST GO TO SEE!! movie it is grreaatt.
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Do I dare say?

By TrenchToast
Written February 26, 2009
OMG......... Is that Devistator? 8]
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Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written June 22, 2013
75 out of 100 The action-packed sequel of glass breaking, car-robot forming, face smashing is more fun, more adrenaline-pumped but wouldn't recommend this film for child fans of the beloved previous "Transformers" movie. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" wasn't a great movie but it's a fun time.
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It sucked But it was great

By homeschool4jmj
Written November 19, 2008
The first had a terrible script, a cheesy cleche storyline. But, it had great CGI Animation and great action scenes. I'm expecting no more, and no less of this movie.
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Sorry I took my son

By gfrfan
Written June 27, 2009
The good. The special effects as in the first were amazing. Michael Bay knows how to put on a movie with great effects that look and feel real. The story line was interesting and I won't spoil it by saying to much here but there were parts of the movie that were inconsequential to the overall story. The bad: I am sorry I took my son for 2 reasons: 1. He is only 7 and this movie was NOT made with children in mind. This was strictly an adult version of the Transformer empire. The Autobots cussed and used profanity in this movie which they did not do in the original (at least I don't remember it if they did). It was so bad that my son asked me why the Transformers were cussing. They didn't cuss in the first movie daddy....2. It was dripping with sexual content not necessary at all. 2 scenes of a chiuahua in heat with a bull dog (stupid addition to the movie) and a miniature autobot getting friendly with Miss Fox's leg. Other scenes in the movie were just as inappropriate.
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