TRANSFORMERS 2. SOLID ACTION-PACKED ENTERTAINMENT. RATING: 90 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

Written June 24, 2009
Mon. June 22 - I just attended this 2hr 27minute NON-STOP ACTION-PACKED adrenaline-fueled MEGA-fun 2nd installment of the Transformers franchise. Some shots/scenes were chaotic - overall, the movie delivered on PLENTY of SOLID action. The Transformers are the stars while the live-actors were relegated to secondary/supporting roles. This movie is more meaty in plot than its predecessor - pay close attention to the condensed truncated history of the Transformers conflicts and background info. Loved the new bots - especially Jetfire! Shia's performance was engaging while Megan Fox looked like she spent the entire movie suffering from bee-stings on the lips. At least she's consistent in the only one thing she does best - looking sultry. VERDICT: Overall, CGI = superbly executed Action sequences cathartic and INTENSELY chair-gripping. Top-notch production values. Director Michael Bay scored a MUST-SEE WINNER! Actual Rating: Solid A - for Action!
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My evaluation.

By Kyle_Adkins
Written July 05, 2009
Alright, this is going to be a little tricky to review without spoiling. So, Instead of a typical review I think I'm going to break this into a Pro/Con: Pros: *The Action scenes (When they happened) were pretty nice. *They managed to keep the majority of the cast intact. *It had a fair amount of back-story, which was refreshing. Cons: *Too little action. In fact, the majority of the movie was focused on people. They honestly should have renamed it "Humans". *The movie was way too damn long. Some times I felt as if I were going to nod off. *They used too much cussing for the movie. I've never seen Optimus Prime start dropping F-Bombs in the animated series, call a Decepticon a "Punk B*tch", or anything of the sort. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not against cussing.. It's simply not Transformer's style..) All in all, I'd say it was about a 5/10. Nothing amazing, Nothing too Terrible either. Catch the early shows, or rent it when it comes out to DvD.
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Transformers 2

By 619boy531
Written July 27, 2008
The first one was bad*** lots of action. This one is going to have more. I can't wait till it comes out.
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By JamesMatthewH
Written October 02, 2008
The first movie was the best movie of well ever.
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transformers 2

By ecrevatas
Written January 13, 2009
i loved the 1st transformers, it has become a day and age where not all action movies have to be about kicking ***all the time and letting the artistry of the movie suffer (i.e. the dark knight). i cant wait to see how this one stacks up against the 1st loved how they ended it couldnt complain.
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