Transformers ROTF - IMAX JAPAN BABY!!!! (FINAL REVIEW!!!!!)

By royal2009movies
Written June 21, 2009
From Japan: Lets begin: Here is the big question; Is the IMAX Transformers ROTF longer then the regular? Not much difference at all; The Forest scene is extended but its way after the fight (which I won't give away the whole scene, because it was so awesome!) Don’t wait til DVD because ur city doesn’t have IMAX! Good and the bad? Good: Alot more robot fighing then the first movie......(GREAT FIGHT SCENES) Optimus Prime is awesome! Megatron is back and kicking some Autobot butt! Starscream and Megatron fued finally taking place! Jetfire was a bada$$ Mudflap and Skids were nice addition Sideswipe is the best AUTOBOT fighting besides Optimus and Bumblebee Devastator combining scene! Megan Fox! Bad: Not going to tell ya! I want everyone to enjoy this was awesome! We all know that all movies aren't perfect so I won't waste your time. Final Grade: A - (4 stars out of 5)
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Is going to Be the best one AGAIN!!!

By Ichigo Kurosaki
Written June 20, 2009
When I watched the first one I was so shocked to see the great job they did with this movie. I love Transformers since I was little and now a second one coming? As soon the tickets went on sale. me and my friends went ahead and bought our tickets. IMAX thanks for playing thie movie. Transformers 2 is going to break other movies apart like it did last year. Autobots transform and roll out.
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Not worth it, very disappointing/immature

By lizaoreo
Written June 26, 2009
I considered this to be a waste of money. I was expecting something that was about as good as the first, but it was a real let down. The action wasn't all that great and there was so much stupid stuff in the movie. Some people talk about the product placement, but that really didn't bug me (I didn't even notice it most of the time). The thing that bugged me was all the pointlessly stupid obscene jokes, comments, and scenes. Most of them didn't even fit in, I probably wouldn't have liked them much if they did, but it wouldn't have bugged me like it does when it's just there to be there. One instance that comes to mind is a scene where one of the characters, and older man, rips his pants off to show his underwear riding his rear, he might as well not be wearing any as far up as they were, then they sat there and stared at it for a good minute it seemed like. Totally pointless, it had no reason to be there. There are many other scenes like this in the movie. Wouldn't take kids.
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Underrated by the Critics!

By BelowSkyLevel
Written June 25, 2009
I thought this movie was much more epic than the original (which I already thought was epic). The critics didn't seem to like this movie at all, but I feel that they are going in without expectations tuned to the genre of movie that it is. This is an ACTION movie! The critics are just saying it's loud and obnoxious and way too long. It's a Michael Bay film! Of course it's filled with explosions and fighting. Stop basing your criticism on your personal opinion. Go into the movie expecting a loud one. It's Transformers for heaven's sake! Sure the plot wasn't anything we haven't seen before, but none of its story weighs down the incredible action sequences, plus the plot remains just as enjoyable as the original. The IMAX scenes, in particular, are gorgeous on the huge screen with crisp visual quality. Having loved the original Transformers, I came into this movie with high expectations, and this movie more than exceeded them. Definitely a must see. It's Michael Bay at his finest!
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Revenge of the Crass

By tjgoyo
Written June 25, 2009
If you cut out the dialogue you'd remove virtually all of the objectionable comments I'm about to make. First off the movie is mindless fun. Action sequences are truly enjoyable and the humor was about 50-50 clean. Parents if your kids are over 15 and you're moderately conservative in what your child is able to view then go have fun. However if you have younger childrenbe careful. And it is ashame because the premise is such a kid oriented movie yet they definitely included way too much sexual content in image, language, etc. I really wish Hollywood would get the message t just make it good and people will come. I see movies two or three times with my kids before they leave the theater and when we enjoy it that much we buy it as soon as it is released. In this case we'll only watch it once and to buy it won't happen. I didn't buy the last one because of the same sort of junk like masturbating references, etc. Be warned language and sex inappropriate for younger kids.
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