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Huge Transformers Fan: Worst Transformers Ever! Should be rated R, don't see!!!

By JNorcross
Written July 04, 2011
I am a HUGE Transformers fan. Even as a parent I still have the toys. I loved the first 2 movies. Parent's please be warned that this movie is not a family friendly movie. Constant War Of The Worlds Human Disintegrations with human dust & skulls rolling after. Very disgusting, very horror, movie should have been rated R. This movie was the worst Transformers plot ever!!! Comic, TV, Movie, anything, worst plot ever!!! Very poorly written, constant bad Star Trek references, constant inconsistent dropped plot points, vilifies government and the military, and the Autobots are barely in the movie. I still love almost all things Transformers, except don’t see this movie. If you like any of the Decepticons you will be VERY disappointed by the time the credits roll around. Very Disappointed Transformers Fan and Father!
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon review

By MrMystery
Written July 04, 2011
Crappy story...ridiculous fight one gets hurt or so much as loses a shoe while sliding down the face of a skyscraper...and then falling through broken glass for 20 stories!!! The "action" was mindless and never ending...plotless, stupid. The only decent thing was the new hot gurl....that's it. All the special effects in the world does not make a good movie....come on hollywood!! The movie was painful to watch...and after about 1/2 way through...I was waiting for it to end...and it just kept plodding along like a lame elephant. No direction, no meat...just endless fluff. Even the wing suit scene was silly...they fly helicopter/planes into the center of the city only to jump out of them to land on the ground and basically do was just an excuse to have wing suits in the movie....just plain stupid....AND I LOVE WING SUITS!!!! Save your money...go see Xmen...a much better movie.
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Obviously Michael Bay learned nothing from Revenge of the Fallen!

By invisionary1
Written July 12, 2011
Why is it in so many sequels they think if they blow up more stuff and show more half dressed hotties that this will make for a better movie. Michael Bay has successfully taken an amazing franchise and flown it right into the ground. He even turned the Hero Optimus into a crazed revenge seeking killer of a defenseless Prime. This was by far the saddest deterioration of an epic that I have ever seen. Yes it was visually stimulating, but the senseless sexual innuendo and foul language takes this movie to a place it should never have gone. I'm not a prude but this is Transformers not the Expendables, which was by the way the best bad movie I have ever seen. Part of the appeal of the Transformers franchise is that it transcends generations and allows older people to feel young again and for young people's imaginations to run wild. There were parts of this movie that just made me mad that they were in it. I felt defiled and that the director soiled the entire ideology behind the story
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******* AWESOME!!!

By eliwaitforitmir
Written June 30, 2011
This movie just gave me ghost bumps!! My eyes got watery !! It's nerve-breaking! So many mixed emotions right now!! Way better than the second one! I wasn't a big fan of transformers but I gotta admit, I am one now!!
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Biggest Blow Em Up Shoot Out

By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
What I liked: Great set design everywhere - great location shots - fantastic eye candy for the demolition action destruction blow em up fragment it tear and and drag it lovers. Cast: Shia LeBeouf is able to keep us believing in him - Rosie H Whiteley has a better than supermodel, yes she is one that uses it to the max but she's also a newer woman - able to stay with her man and help out when she can - not just arm candy accessory. Everyone is in this movie! So good to watch the vets - Malkovich and McDormand and of course Turturo. But really nice to see Tyrese again. What I didn't like: The explanations were so unclear as to how this threat came to the Earth back in the 60's and what ever conversation the two enemies were having was so 'between them' that I was' clueless - someone had a pillar here. Just bad explanation so I just enjoyed the rest of it and said -'They just aren't going to give us the back- history- timeline- to date- why?- story'. Use of Black Gangs as Bad is not cool
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