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Go see!

By Resa8201
Written September 18, 2011
I took my two sons to see this movie and I myself was as enthralled as they were. I will not give to much away because I believe they do enough of that with the previews. But personally I was not disappointed one bit in the acting, or graphics. They could have done better explaining in the "bunny" scene but that's all I'm gonna say about the storyline, you'll just have to go see it, to see what I'm referring to. I highly recommend this movie.
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Much better than the second

By andres_r_ortiz
Written June 30, 2011
This movie actually has a plot, it was very surprising seeing as how the second was 2 hours of non-stop aneurysm action. I recommend it to anyone!
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D review

By slave524
Written June 29, 2011
Overall not quite as good as the first but better than the second. Effects and 3D was phenomenal
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Go see T-3 n 3D

By Drea11301
Written July 01, 2011
My 10 year old and I went to see Transformers 3. It was great. The 3D made it even better. The graphics, acting, directing, and cinematography was great. It was full of action and suspense. It was easy to follow. It had a couple of twists which made it more exciting. I would definitely reccomend seeing it. I am looking forward to T-4!
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By lmills2011
Written July 11, 2011
It was a good movie. It's an adult appropriate movie.
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