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micheal bay is a child dirrctor with a big budget

By SuperZenock
Written July 02, 2011
The movie is fantastic at almost every aspect. It has the million and millions of dollars of explosions and plenty of robot fighting. It is golden on the outside but if you try and dig much deeper that that you will probably be disappointed. The movies main fault is it's curse of the third edition in an action trilogy based on alien robots. The result of this is a very jumpy storyline.
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D review

By Jerebear022
Written August 02, 2011
Best summer blockbuster I have seen in awhile!
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Better than Expected.

By Visagearcane
Written July 04, 2011
I'll admit, I went in with expectations of a stinker considering the crap fest the second movie was. When I left I was extremely surprised. Not only did this movie not stink but it was even good. Yes it had its problems, the two small robots mostly ruined any scene they were in and there was little time spent on the actual autobots themselves letting you know anything about the new ones. But the positives were that the story telling in this movie was very good despite the holes in the plot from the first movie to this one. The live actors all put in a good performance. I am trying to figure out why people think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley performance was bad, for her very first acting role she did great. She may not have put as much expression on her face as some of her scenes needed, but for someone who is a Victoria's Secret model I see how that could be difficult. Her performance was better than anything that Megan Fox ever put on a screen.
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transformers 3 3d

By jesup16
Written July 01, 2011
3d effects were awesome!! Wish I could say the same for the story line and other parts of the movie. Does anybody screen these things? Does anyone consider what people will think when comparing the stories to the previous two movies. How about some continuity.
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Written July 01, 2011
Awesome show all the way through. Dont listen to the Critic's, i dont know what their talking about! Great action & special effects! For Sure a must GO!
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