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Great movie, ditch the love story though

By lmatteyl
Written June 30, 2011
This was definitely the most action packed title in the trilogy, but the action is slightly dulled by the HORRIFIC casting of Sam's (Shia) love interest. That blonde didn't belong in this movie for sooo many reasons, and she wasn't even that great of eye candy. When they decided to drop Megan Fox they should have also ditched the whole love story aspect, there was more than enough story revolving around the battle between the autobots and decepticons for them to not have to reach that much. I give everything about this movie two thumbs up except the love story and casting of the love that area I give it two thumbs down and could have completely done without it.
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Pure Awesomeness.

By pumpkin_eater
Written June 29, 2011
So I went to see this movie Tuesday night at 8:45 and it's was super amazing. I was just blown away. Michael Bay outdid himself. This is by far the best movie I have seen this summer. You have to see this movie. It was just amazing.
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cant wait

By movie chooser
Written December 13, 2010
cant wait for 3d fun
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See it in 3D

By mikedc16
Written July 01, 2011
Awesome special effects. Great explosions. Amazing action. Everything you want in a Summer movie.
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Michael Bay = Explosion

By Qfenske
Written June 30, 2011
Phenomenal 3D and special effects! It's basically a love story with robots and $195million dollars worth of explosions. I never saw Avatar in 3D, but this is by FAR the best 3D I have ever seen. Some language is uncalled for and there are some pretty sexual themes and images at the beginning, but it is still a must see movie. Best movie of 2011... till Captain America comes out.... lol
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