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Transformers: AOE was a tickle to me...

By Pepper B
Written September 01, 2014
Although it was a bit long, we enjoyed this flick. The Transformers were really life-like, with character, personality and attitude. Some were funny and others were real bad asses. They reminded me of 'The Expendables'. It was interesting to see the generations of technology come full circle with Transformer Dinosaurs. That was ingenious. The most shocking part was Mark Wahlberg with no love scene and a grown daughter. There was no chemistry between the two. Frankly, they could have made this movie staring transformers only; no humans. Granted, I wouldn't pay money to see it, but the kids would.
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The good, the bad, and the ugly....

By chattymom04
Written July 27, 2014
The good = Mark Wahlburg! Plenty of action and most kids will love it. The bad = some very corny lines that were so corny it took away from the acting. The strange foreign accents the Autobots had, it was just weird. The ugly = the movie was just too long it seemed to drone on forever. we went to a 12:20 showing and I found myself checking the time on my phone thinking it's gotta be almost over and it was only 2 hours in (another 45 minutes to go) yikes. A movie shouldn't last longer than any one human can hold a small coke in their bladder for. I ended up having to use the restroom during the movie yet I didn't feel like I missed anything when I came back. So in summary, hey I got to look at Mark Wahlburg for a few hours.
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By dapreaseau
Written September 01, 2014
I will never get those 3 hours back. The plot was horrible and bounced all over the place. Unlike other transformer movies, this one was boring, the humor was terrible, and it did not have you on the end of your seat. I enjoyed the other movies but this one was the worst movie I have seen in years.
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Human storyline unnecessary

By marvinhayden12
Written August 08, 2014
Get your money's worth; nears verge of being overloaded with busy action scenes (reminiscent of Marvel's The Avengers climax) but doesn't go over cliff. A little disturbing depiction of the 17 year old daughter being a starlet (as a grown man with a son, I'm glad I don't have to worry about a daughter flaunting around in booty shorts and hiding 20 year old boyfriends from me). Kinda miss more traditionally known characters but understand the need to keep it fresh for those with limited attention spans. Lastly, regardless of Mark Whalberd's swollen biceps (as seen in Pain & Gain), it was insulting to have a scene of him withstanding an attack from above by the Bounty Hunter Transformer. I know it's a movie but c'Mon! Overall, good addition to the Transformer saga.
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Elements are there, but put together terribly and not developed enough

By soccerplayer1010
Written August 08, 2014
The plot was not well thought out, it was boring at times, and I'm so disappointed about what could have been.
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