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Not the same without Shia

By ashleyn79
Written March 13, 2017
#shialabouf should have been included. The entire movie felt void without his presence. Mark Wahlberg is a classic bad*** andayrd his part well, but overall, the movie would wadi complete without Shia!
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Transformers extinction, I wish it had!!

By jpalmerm
Written March 13, 2017
Was awful. Typical needless and pointless girls screaming and scantily clad for no apparent reason. totally obvious product placement and some of the worst acting I've seen. oh I wish I could have kept count of all the clichés and cheesy lines!! I wouldn't even watch it again on Netflix.
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Great Movie Transformers are back!!!

By gerardogu28
Written March 13, 2017
The movie is very long but awesome 5 star movie recommend to watch now:)
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By rlcrobertcollins
Written October 21, 2014
Good movie just a little too long for my taste
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Waiting with Anticipation!!!

By dougdlite
Written March 06, 2016
Looking forward to it. I have heard it will the best one yet. I am glad Mark is in and Shia is out.
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