Transcendent Man: Live with Ray Kurzweil review

By Classic_Movie_Lady123
Written August 05, 2011
Can't wait to hear what Michio Kaku has to say. The science of Artificial Intelligence is fascinating, scary and poses many ethical questions. Will be there... The information and discussion is a must for everone who wants to keep up with the world and be in the know.... Too bad so many missed this viewing. Maybe the word just did not get out.... It's fascinating and essential. Loved it.
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Living during our time and creating the future that we were uanble to see....

By ekvegas
Written December 02, 2011
Living during our time and creating the future that we were uanble to see even when you handed it to us.
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Transcendent Man: Live with Ray Kurzweil

By BJill
Written August 05, 2011
We loved this forum and only wished there were more people in attendance to see this caliber of speakers and their insights. I had so many thoughts after the showing it would've been wonderful to have a Q. & A. session with our local technological, philosophical,scientific minds to hear the thoughts they had, in addition to, the other attendees. I hope more of these type's of thought provoking materials get shown at our local Edwards Theater.
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Trancendent Man

By plauer19125
Written August 06, 2011
It was very good but maybe a little long . There was so much information it almost put you in information overload by the end. The things that were related were amazing and I think everyone should be aware of the message and the possibilities which are in store for humanity.
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A Conversation About a Film

By frisco_kid_51
Written August 05, 2011
This event was not what I expected. For what it cost ($$$), I expected to see Kurzweil's film or, at least, substantial portions of it, as an anchor to "a conversation about the future." Instead, this was 2 hours of Ray Kurweil, et al, telling us how it will be and how little we can do to change it. Here's Kurzweil holding court with 2 bona fide scientists, a physician, a former computer designer (Wozniak), a virtual new age, self-help guru (Deepak Chopra) and a "film director" (Robert Barry Ptolemy) who has only 2 credits to his name - one Kurzweil's documentary and the other a sci-fi short about a fish. Interjected into the "discussion" were video clips by such noted scientific luminaries as Al Gore, Bill Maher and Suzanne Somers. The 'discussion', such as it was, failed to do more than provide happy clappy support to whatever Ray had to say. They deftly side-stepped any thorny questions that might not fit in neatly with Ray's theories. All very scientifically suspect and wanting.
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