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Transcendence Synopsis
A scientific genius's pursuit of knowledge evolves into an omnipresent thirst for power.
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Pleasant Surprise - Excellent Movie

By mlwalen908
The movie has a deeper thought provoking theme that the previews did not portray. Maybe not as much as "Pirates" but J Depp is again a master at bringing you to his world. All actors were great! ...

makes the sin of being boring!

By camiloarenivar
Give me a dumb story with bad dialogue, special effects and no brains, but the worst thing a movie can do to me is make me bored! Well, this movie achieved that. The concept was actually good, but...


By tlp4
The longest snooze fest of 2014. Waste of money and time seeing this movie. It is one of the worst movies of 2014....


By shavarchase
Great movie...really enjoyed it...makes you go humm...


By flstf1999

Best movie I've seen in a while

By billyathens
Clearly the critics lack the sufficient IQ to comprehend the movie. I will have to get high and watch it again tomorrow for another perspective......

this movie SUCKS

By lielooshy123148
Don't waste your time or money, it's sold as an action movie but I believe that the best way to explain it is this "a pointless nightmare of pretentious science fiction twaddle with no plot, no...

Transcend the Hatred and See This Movie

By rampartten
If you like Oblivion or I Am Legend, you'll probably like Transcendent. I don't get why the critics are hating on this movie, other than it doesn't reinvent the genre. It doesn't have quite the...

Wait for rental...

By dustinwish
Cool visuals...Very "tech is bad and evil". could have been written by one of the Google bus protestors....acting was great...writing was so so......

By vicgriffin23
Amazing movie, great action non stop!...

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Rated PG-13 | For for sci-fi action and violence, some bloody images, brief strong language and sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Dark, pretentious sci-fi thriller tackles big questions.
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