Lots of twists and turns

By Silverfox2013
Written December 21, 2014
I don't like movies when I can't follow what's going on. Some people like this type of movie. Too many twists and turns for me. The good thing, it gets explained at the end, and then you understand why such and such happened. The movie is not for kids. There is full frontal nudity. In summary it was very strange, but I have to say it was done well.
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By highland_square
Written October 25, 2014
If you have absolutely nothing else to do and like to throw away money, definitely go. While I liked the cast, the script that started out with a bang quickly dissolved into long patches of tedious, incoherent, flights of the director's fancy that at times was hard to string together. It's too bad because I liked the cinematography and the actors and the idea of art theft, but none of that made a difference after sitting through the endless meandering of the story line. My friend who saw it with me was even more disappointed. At the end, we said "Huh?"
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Good director but not his best movie

By galleguito
Written April 21, 2013
This is a Danny Boyle movie through-and-through. Visually speaking, it is reminiscent of Trainspotting, but the plot is a twisting whodunit that doesn't quite gel. It has a little bit of Eternal Sunshine... and a little bit of the Ocean franchise. You won't be asking for your money back anytime soon, but don't go with high expectations or you'll be mildly disappointed. I went in with fairly high expectations and came out underwhelmed. With Sunshine, it was the opposite.
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Too Muddled in plot and confusing personalities

By Bearfist
Written November 27, 2014
This was another film that I've seen recently that is completely ruined by the very last scene. It just does not make any sense. Without giving away any plot, I will say that no human goes from being a person who cares about other people to completely indifferent at the chaos and death they've caused. Foolish ending and rather far fetched, old school ideas about hypnotism. If you must see this film, I strongly recomend waiting until it's on cable. Definitely not worth the price of todays tickets. So many of the interactions between characters does not make sense I'd be here all night listing them.
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Don't be a Hero.....

By CarlChampionJr
Written January 26, 2015
I think one thing to consider when you sit down with Trance is whether or not you are ready to buy in to hypnosis. Do you think of the mind as something that can be manipulated and molded, taken apart and put back together? Do you think the concept of Inception is real, or can be real? If you do think so, I think you'll have a good go with this film, if you don't, you may find yourself ready to get off the ride before you get to the first hill. I found it at first to be confusing, filled with plot holes and boring, but as it came together and you started to really realize what was going on, I forgave all that, and I found myself entrenched in the story he was trying to tell. There is one specific sequence toward the end that had me 100% fully engaged to the point that I forgot for a second that I was watching the movie, and not in the movie. Boyle paints quite a picture with this, good commentary on the human mind and what it might be capable of writing off. Not too bad at all
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