Great Ride!!

By mltyplx
Written January 16, 2017
It's not often that a movie plays in my local multiplex that actually makes me think and not want to doze off. This one requires your full attention and even though yes, there may be some holes in the plot, this is still a don't miss movie!
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By spencerdrate
Written October 25, 2016
"trainspotting" in our "The Independent Movie Poster Book!"-Danny Boyle a break through director-I'm reviewing TRANCE film on radio-RAVE REVIEWS!!!! I met Danny at Q&A! A very multi-layered psychological film-a must see film! We've authored 5 books on film and review films!
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Big, Hypnotic and Fun

By The_Separator
Written January 19, 2017
The way the film distorts time is excellent. The first half is straight forward, but the second half shifts all over the place, completely non-linear. Because of the heavy emphasis on hypnosis it’s always unclear what is reality, dream, trance, past, present, future. It is a big, flashy, colorful film. Trance has a heist, physiological manipulation, an unorthodox love story, all elements that can make for great thriller, but they occur on screen sometimes too contrived, almost satirical. There are unrealistic, sometimes goofy flaws. Trance is like a mix of the Inception and Eternal Sunshine. It is really entertaining, and laugh-out-loud funny at times. The problem is that only in retrospect does the film really make any sense. Trance requires a certain level of forgiveness from its audience, and a truly great thriller, I think, would never request. More reviews at
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By jhs39
Written January 20, 2017
Visually striking but empty-head thriller about an auction house employee who forgets where he stashed a painting during a robbery because of a blow to the head. The criminals decide to employ a hypnotist when torture doesn't yield the desired information. The premise is ridiculous but that wouldn't matter if the movie was actually exciting or fun. It's mostly neither. This is one of those movies where nobody is what they seem, but the result in this case is that you eventually learn that it's pointless to care about any of the characters. Like the similarly twisty Side Effects the characters here only exist to serve the necessities of the plot --nobody seems remotely like a real person or would even qualify as a two dimensional character. Director Danny Boyle can put on a show, however, so the flashy dream visuals are entertaining for a while. But once it becomes clear that the movie has nothing else to offer it all starts to get tiring.
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By highland_square
Written February 21, 2017
If you have absolutely nothing else to do and like to throw away money, definitely go. While I liked the cast, the script that started out with a bang quickly dissolved into long patches of tedious, incoherent, flights of the director's fancy that at times was hard to string together. It's too bad because I liked the cinematography and the actors and the idea of art theft, but none of that made a difference after sitting through the endless meandering of the story line. My friend who saw it with me was even more disappointed. At the end, we said "Huh?"
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