By MOVIEcritic001
Written April 22, 2013
I LOVE movies with a great plot. The plot in this movie is very deep. You need to pay attention to really understand what's going on. I was very entertained the whole movie, and that's what it's all about.
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By Peneflix
Written April 22, 2013
Terrific acting informs this convoluted conundrum of flashbacks revolving around the theft of a Francisco Goya (1746-1828) painting (“Witches in the Air”); which is where the audience hovers between nonfiction and the twilight zone; Danny Boyle’s slick scenario, at best, is masterful manipulation but flounders when dealing with the consequences of the therapeutic process focusing on hypnosis (“trance”) and those susceptible to its capabilities... Carl Jung (1875-1961) whose profession was sloshing around in the psyches of the tormented, sated that “he who looks outside dreams; he who looks within awakens”; “Trance” is a paradox, challenging the audience to differentiate the empirical from the rational; an exercise I found rather intoxicating, “entrancing”... TWO & 3/4 STARS!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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By thedoctor777
Written April 16, 2013
I found this film thrilling and suspenseful. All the acting was great; but the story was the whole movie for me. It has so many twists and turns that you never know what's really going on until the very end. I thought the screenwriter and director were on the same wavelength because the story flowed excellently and rolled to a climax. Yes there are two shots of frontal nudity that might have been left out because it really served no purpose in the plot. They did however add to the character's credibility once you understand what's truly happening with this particular intense role. Lighting was somewhat dim in parts; but I wouldn't go so far as to criticize it much. I just thought it could have been lit more at times. There is one graphic violent scene of a head being blown away so be ready for that if you're squeamish about that kind of stuff. All in all I would say and have a good night at the movies while watching this intense multi-plotted movie.
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By julianeoday
Written April 16, 2013
Imagine... Vanilla Sky + Inception = Trance It's this trippy world were you can't tell if it's real or all part of the trance. Definitely SEE IT, you won't be disappointed *contains nudity, graphic violence, and foul language Depending on what you allow your children to watch - Probably 15 or older For more child appropriate information I recommend this website: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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By jimt222
Written April 14, 2013
A gripping psychological thriller! Very tightly directed - every second of every scene is working to move the plot forward. Tiny and subtle moments of humor tucked in here and there just add to the frenetic intensity. Beautiful cinematography and editing make this movie hypnotic in a way that echoes one of its primary themes - hypnosis. All in all, terrifically entertaining. Definitely go and see it but leave the kids with a sitter, this is not for children.
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