A competent movie...

By lehall
Written July 28, 2015
but one you will forget (pun intended). Acting was excellent and the plot twisted but one could follow it for the most part. Still, like many of these journeymen movies, it didn't leave you feeling you would bother seeing it again on DVD or TV.
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By mmoo9154
Written August 29, 2015
Let me start by saying: Rosario Dawson... OMFG!!!! Honest. Worth the price of admission alone. Now, that I've calmed down a bit... I liked Trance, but I thought it was a bit of a lost opportunity. I was hoping it would be a vehicle to explore some of the philosophical/metaphysical aspects of being human. Kind of like Matrix or 6th Sense are great thrillers, but also explore fairly deep concepts. Trance is not that. It is a convoluted whodunit, or more accurately who-done-what. Even at the end, I was left not quite knowing what was real, what was imagined, or even who was really dead. Go see it. The story will keep you entranced, and the visuals will keep your heart rate elevated.
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Story doesn't hold up

By fonetik
Written January 31, 2015
Pacing was very odd for this film. Dreadfully slow then skipped ahead in the real timeline (not the trance scenes). Character progressions were disjointed at best and unbelievable.
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By MOVIEcritic001
Written January 30, 2015
I LOVE movies with a great plot. The plot in this movie is very deep. You need to pay attention to really understand what's going on. I was very entertained the whole movie, and that's what it's all about.
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By majorrugburn
Written September 02, 2015
a great thriller with good performances by all, a twisty plot and masterfully shot. now about Fandango... what a waste of a website this really is. i mean, i had a gift card that i got on my B-day and wanted to buy tickets for this movie...well guess what Fandango makes you pay a "convenience" charge, for no reason at all. when me and my g-friend got to the theater we still had to wait in line to pick up our tickets. never again will i buy or use Fandango. ciao!!!
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