By Pearlie Victorious
Written April 28, 2013
Rosario Dawson's eye-candy body notwithstanding, the plot of this flick is numbingly convoluted to the point of mental fatigue. Can't blame the actors though, they did as good a job as they could given this mind-bending twisty plot. Not my cup of tea.
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Pay attention

By FLASH1465
Written April 15, 2013
i rate this a solid B+. Very good movie BUT you must pay attention . However if you think you missed something is all explained in flashback style at the end. Great cast. I am a Rosario fan and she is great in this role. Inception like in premise but that is the only comparison I will make. I say go and enjoy.
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By grimesgolden1
Written September 16, 2014
in the 3 Stooges episode , Birdbrain, the mad scientist wants to place Curiles brain into a gorilla, and taps him on the head with a mallet to test his 'resonance'. this movie did not resonate with me, even tho it features being hit over the head. This movie is the non sequitur sequel to Birdbrain and no hit over the head can jar us out of a stupor. The only good acting was by the 3 henchmen*stooges?) to Vincent Cassel's Franck.Danny Boyle's next movie is an another Irvine Welsh adaptation, Porno,. This movie is a stalking horse for the his next foray into cine madness.
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trance: fraud and ripoff

By JesseKornbluth
Written August 30, 2014
slicker than snail snot. but empty. we groaned at the end.
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By dpbrew
Written April 14, 2013
Quite a disappointment, far-fetched exaggeration regarding the "powers" of hypnosis; ridiculous escape scene; useless violence; and the fastest buzz job you'll ever see.
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