Don't be a Hero.....

By CarlChampionJr
Written August 29, 2014
I think one thing to consider when you sit down with Trance is whether or not you are ready to buy in to hypnosis. Do you think of the mind as something that can be manipulated and molded, taken apart and put back together? Do you think the concept of Inception is real, or can be real? If you do think so, I think you'll have a good go with this film, if you don't, you may find yourself ready to get off the ride before you get to the first hill. I found it at first to be confusing, filled with plot holes and boring, but as it came together and you started to really realize what was going on, I forgave all that, and I found myself entrenched in the story he was trying to tell. There is one specific sequence toward the end that had me 100% fully engaged to the point that I forgot for a second that I was watching the movie, and not in the movie. Boyle paints quite a picture with this, good commentary on the human mind and what it might be capable of writing off. Not too bad at all
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Too Muddled in plot and confusing personalities

By Bearfist
Written November 27, 2014
This was another film that I've seen recently that is completely ruined by the very last scene. It just does not make any sense. Without giving away any plot, I will say that no human goes from being a person who cares about other people to completely indifferent at the chaos and death they've caused. Foolish ending and rather far fetched, old school ideas about hypnotism. If you must see this film, I strongly recomend waiting until it's on cable. Definitely not worth the price of todays tickets. So many of the interactions between characters does not make sense I'd be here all night listing them.
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Big, Hypnotic and Fun

By The_Separator
Written December 20, 2014
The way the film distorts time is excellent. The first half is straight forward, but the second half shifts all over the place, completely non-linear. Because of the heavy emphasis on hypnosis it’s always unclear what is reality, dream, trance, past, present, future. It is a big, flashy, colorful film. Trance has a heist, physiological manipulation, an unorthodox love story, all elements that can make for great thriller, but they occur on screen sometimes too contrived, almost satirical. There are unrealistic, sometimes goofy flaws. Trance is like a mix of the Inception and Eternal Sunshine. It is really entertaining, and laugh-out-loud funny at times. The problem is that only in retrospect does the film really make any sense. Trance requires a certain level of forgiveness from its audience, and a truly great thriller, I think, would never request. More reviews at
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By jhs39
Written April 15, 2013
Visually striking but empty-head thriller about an auction house employee who forgets where he stashed a painting during a robbery because of a blow to the head. The criminals decide to employ a hypnotist when torture doesn't yield the desired information. The premise is ridiculous but that wouldn't matter if the movie was actually exciting or fun. It's mostly neither. This is one of those movies where nobody is what they seem, but the result in this case is that you eventually learn that it's pointless to care about any of the characters. Like the similarly twisty Side Effects the characters here only exist to serve the necessities of the plot --nobody seems remotely like a real person or would even qualify as a two dimensional character. Director Danny Boyle can put on a show, however, so the flashy dream visuals are entertaining for a while. But once it becomes clear that the movie has nothing else to offer it all starts to get tiring.
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Mesmerizing and Absolutely Brilliant.

By Alon Patterson
Written July 31, 2014
This one's DEFINITELY NOT for the "Scott Pilgrim" crowd. About 40 minutes into it, their heads would begin to spontaneously explode. This screenplay has so many twists even the director had to have been confused on its first reading. Intricate and ingeniously complex, this film is far from tedious, convoluted or difficult to follow due to red herrings and plot holes. Instead, it's just so meaningfully obtuse as to keep you immersed, nay entranced, for its duration. A thoroughly entertaining "who done it," with a bite, I HIGHLY recommend seeing this film BUT you should expect to leave both satisfied AND mentally exhausted. No matter what, provided you're not in that "Scary Movie V" crowd, you'll absolutely enjoy this film. It's worth every penny of its ticket price but requires an IQ above 70.
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