By jimt222
Written April 25, 2017
A gripping psychological thriller! Very tightly directed - every second of every scene is working to move the plot forward. Tiny and subtle moments of humor tucked in here and there just add to the frenetic intensity. Beautiful cinematography and editing make this movie hypnotic in a way that echoes one of its primary themes - hypnosis. All in all, terrifically entertaining. Definitely go and see it but leave the kids with a sitter, this is not for children.
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Inteligent race

By chiriacvalentin
Written December 04, 2016
Incredibly intelligent, it's a mind race which lets you gasping at the end. Very dense, very well conceived, it's very high level movie which can burn your brain.
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By 212toni
Written June 30, 2016
In spite of a far-fetched plot and over-the-top ending, this film is great to look at, well written and edited, and wonderfully acted. Exciting too. Just ride with it. Kept me on the edge of my seat, and I didn't regret going for a second.
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TRANCE - You've got to see it...

By bebe64
Written December 09, 2016
Amazing, loved it. The story, the cast, the picture, the music. Spectacular, exciting, thrilling. You may find it a bit of a complex story as it requires a bit of mental concentration (this is for adults only) but you won't get lost and everything anyway becomes clear at the end. Saw it 2 days ago and I'm still playing it in my head. Go go go go go....
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Lots of twists and turns

By Silverfox2013
Written July 26, 2016
I don't like movies when I can't follow what's going on. Some people like this type of movie. Too many twists and turns for me. The good thing, it gets explained at the end, and then you understand why such and such happened. The movie is not for kids. There is full frontal nudity. In summary it was very strange, but I have to say it was done well.
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