By frank1234
Written September 15, 2008
Excellent action thriller, I would recommend this movie to my friends.
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By ledelman
Written October 04, 2008
Interesting, but not what we expected
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Ideology Referendum or Just Hollywood?

By Cubafriminican
Written September 01, 2008
As much as I love Don Cheadle, I was profoundly disappointed with this move. TRAITOR is a movie disguising itself as exposing and challenging religious ideology -- Islamic ideology specifically -- that has nothing to do with religious ideology. In the end, we get the same result that we would get on any major American news show analzying "terrorism," Islam, and religion. No new perceptions, no analysis of dictum, just one "savior" who sees everything the "right" way, which of course is the American way. There's a very strong component of "we" and "us" and "our" that always comes back to the U.S., and I found it insulting -- to Islam and to my intelligence. (By the way, I'm Roman Catholic.) Every character in the movie was a stereotype and so purposed to be only the thing they were supposed to be. Perhaps, therein, is the statement...??? But all of the predictability and all the preaching made me not want to delve much further, except to simply enjoy the action and my popcorn.
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A Good Traitor

By Cajun1
Written September 04, 2008
"Traitor" was a truly great movie, and Don Cheadle was excellent in his part. The movie will keep you guessing on several levels, about the plot, and how Cheadle wound up with this splinter group. I would have liked to have seen more development of the relationship of Don Cheadle and his female companion of the last several years, but other than that I quite enjoyed the movie. Go and see it. You won't be dissapointed.
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great acting, highly misleading trailer

By drummerboy12492
Written August 30, 2008
Just saw Traitor tonight. I really have completely mixed feelings about the movie. I mean a movie with such amazing acting doesnt deserve a bad review but whatever idiot put the trailer together gets a BIG FAT FFFFF! I mean seeing the trailer i thought this was going to be something like a CIA, FBI agent gone bad that keeps floping from one side to another. Both the write up and trailer sugest this plot. Watching it the trailer again, it makes me wonder if they even saw the movie. It is actually a movie completely surronding terrorism (which is not really mentioned anywhere) and a man who is being chassed by the FBI for working with these terrorists. I do have to say the acting is phenominal and the story is great if thats what you're looking for but all the advertisement swayed me the complete wrong way. I wish i would have spent my money to go see House Bunny!
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