Racist, Republican funded, Islam is evil movie. DON'T SUPPORT THIS FILM!

By samissue
Written September 05, 2008
What a load of crap! The message is: do NOT trust brown and black people especially if those people love Islam because they are just waiting to blow people up for Allah. That middle eastern student working at the coffee shop by your house is only waiting for a call so he can strap bombs to himself and blow up Americans. Seriously, didn't we do this to the Russians in the 80's? Why are we allowing this to be made? Don Cheadle, shame on you! Seriously, what were you thinking? Did you have to make this picture? And at what price to the millions of young kids who were imprinted by it. By the way, I am a 42 year old white as the driven snow non religious female and I was sickened by this hate-mongering film. Stand up America to this racist crap and DON'T GO TO THIS MOVIE!
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By Movie Freak10
Written September 14, 2008
Traitor Was A Really Good Movie. I Thought Some Parts Were Draggy. I Thought There Was Going To Be More Action. Don Cheadle Did An Awesome Job In This Movie. I Liked The Twist At The End. It's Definetly Worth Seeing In Theatre!
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By i_love_movies65
Written August 12, 2008
I can't wait to see this one! Too deep for some viewers.
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The Truth is Often Scary

By Diito Baby
Written October 02, 2008
Don Cheadle is one of my fave actors and this movie was just awesome! From the attention to detail from the fighting scenes to how Mr. Cheadle spoke the languages....a very authentic movie. To elaborate on the title review, I just mean that this movie is probably loosely based on what really does happen, concerning FBI, CIA, NSA and all those types of agencies. Should give audiences a different perspective to the war on terror. The movie had action in all the right places and you could kinda connect with the characters, even the crazy fundamentalists. I hope all who watch it enjoy it or maybe can learn something from it (even thought it IS just a movie).
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Interesting premise

By VegasBluebird
Written September 06, 2008
Definitely worth seeing. Pay attention to catch the nuances.
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