By Actionmovielover
Written September 04, 2008
I loved it! I rate it a 4 out of 5. I have always loved Don Cheadle and he continues to show his acting skills in this movie. The movie was suspenseful and action-packed. It was terrifying to realize that this could really happen. I would recommend it to anyone who loves action movies!
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A must see movie

By ptc1954
Written September 01, 2008
My husband and I saw Traitor on Sat and we loved it. The plot was well written and executed. Exciting and suspense filled, not fake and unbelievable. I left the theater with a lot of questions about the impact that terrorism has on our lives and how easily they move among us. It is definitely food for thought and the acting by Don was excellent and believable. MUST SEE THIS ONE.
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go see it!

By meccassault
Written September 06, 2008
they claimed it was the Bourne Ultimatum of this year...well, that says a lot to me since that movie and series is absolutely amazing. My conclusions after seeing Traitor are as follows... It was a very well made movie. Very well acted. Don Cheadle is the man, but i definitely don't think it should be compared to The Bourne series b/c it's not the same type of film as it appears to be in the previews...its similar, yeah, but not enough to compare the two. The movie has a lot of depth and i was interested the whole time. Def. worth seeing. Bourne worthy, not in my book but its up there with the better films in the past year for sure
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Intellegent and good movie for a change!

By midwicket
Written September 27, 2008
If you are looking for a movie with four-letter words, big blasts and loud noises, this movie isn't for you. If you prefer to be patient and "give" the movie its space to develop and allow yourself to be led along - ie: with the plot, locations, emotions the characters are demonstrating, you will like this flick. When you think you have figured out the movie, it swings you around leaving you think - "Now why didn't I think of that"?! I thought Cheadle and Pearce were great, along with a number of supporting players. Cheadle's portrayal of a muslim was extremely good - I'm not sure if it was his preparation or, in fact, his personal choice of religion - which doesn't matter to me at all - he played that part well. This is a "MUST SEE" and will definitely do into my DVD collection. Sit back and enjoy the ride with "Traitor"!
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If Jason Bourne had been a Boy Scout...

By ChasVta
Written September 10, 2008
I enjoyed this movie for many reasons- action packed, fast paced, plot twists, great camera action - although I do get weary when 99 percent of a movie is shot hand-held - this movie has it all. If you like action flicks but are tired of the glorified violence, and tired of the director putting the camera in just the right spot so the blood hits the lens, then this is for you. I lost count of the number of times I said, "That's it, he's sunk. It's over." But they got as close to the line as they could without going over it. And I mean CLOSE. Great job done by all - I would see it again, and most likely will.
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