Excellent Movie...Stop rating movies you haven't seen

By Mental1981
Written August 28, 2008
First of all THIS IS A SUSPENSE FILM, not a brainless Borne action film. As a suspense it was more than I expected. I went expecting Borne 4 but got Siriana from the standpoint of the righteous muslim and not the terrorists. It was smart, well acted on the part of Don Cheale, and Guy Pierce, who I loved in Memento. Don get's into his character and put's you on the edge of your seat and you almost feel like playing devil's advocate for a second, a wonderful protagonist is thrown in with a twist and the ending is simply rewarding. Yes there are explosions, even gun fights, but halfway into the film you don't even feel the need for any of it as it's so well played. Again, this movie received bad "pre-views" affecting it's rating on Fandango so I suggest that you ignore all review's from idiots who like to rate films before even seeing them and take the word of informed viewers who rate only after they see the films.
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amazing movie

By lyndil
Written August 22, 2008
i went to the movie premiere tonight and it was incredible. not only is don cheadle an amazing actor i had the pleasure of meeting him at the after party and he was the nicest. it is definitely worth seeing.
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Written August 31, 2008
Director/Screenwriter Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Day After Tomorrow) has come up with a winner in TRAITOR(based on an idea by Steve Martin) as evidenced by the advance press screening audience's confident ovation at the end of this thrilling/action/intense/suspense movie. Don Cheadle(awesome!), Guy Pearce, Jeff Daniels, Neal McDonough, Archie Panjabi, Alyy Kahn, and Said Taghmaoui comprise the principal cast - turned in superb riveting performances. TRAITOR is not the typical inane 'Hollywood-formula' movie. The plot, while simple, has depth - explored mature thematically-heavy issues such as revenge/vengeance, terrorism, morality/justice, honor/friendship, faith/religion, sacrifice... and presented to us the two complex sides of Islam - relevant to any religion for that matter. Very well-told story. The engaging camera-work/directing and brisk pace made the hour and 50 minutes go by very quickly. Recommendation: A truly positive experience. Highly recommended.
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Smart, Gripping Grown-Up Movie

By TedK817
Written August 27, 2008
After a great summer of lightweight fun, it's good to see a movie for the mature-minded here for the Labor Day weekend. A great story, terrific acting and tight screenplay. You're never sure (for awhile) who's really on what side or who knows whom, or what is actually going on. Lots of mature political, religious and social messages, pro and con, neatly tacked into a taught thriller. And enough surprises to keep even the most jaded moviegoer paying attention. Don Cheadle continues to prove he's the the best under-appreciated actor around, and Guy Pearce (who is really hit-and-miss for me) is just spot-on as the pursuer. And one the biggest surprises behind this great thriller: the originator of the screen story: Steve Martin (who also is one of the producers). I'm reminded of the 1980's when Mel Brooks' company was responsible for such great dramas as The Elephant Man. TRAITOR is a welcome surprise, and one that will clear the summer Milk Duds out of your brain.
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Define traitor...

By ithrah
Written August 28, 2008
Exceptional film. The dialogue is first rate and the subject matter is handled with honesty, integrity, sincerety and above all intelligence. The acting, by the entire cast, is supurb. If you are looking for fun action with mindless explosions, then this movie is NOT for you. If you want to begin or continue a complex and intelligent internal dialogue about the state of our world and our place in it, then see this movie.
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