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A federal agent (Guy Pearce) hunts an ex-Special Ops soldier (Don Cheadle) who now aids terrorists.
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Excellent Movie...Stop rating movies you haven't seen

By Mental1981
First of all THIS IS A SUSPENSE FILM, not a brainless Borne action film. As a suspense it was more than I expected. I went expecting Borne 4 but got Siriana from the standpoint of the righteous...

amazing movie

By lyndil
i went to the movie premiere tonight and it was incredible. not only is don cheadle an amazing actor i had the pleasure of meeting him at the after party and he was the nicest. it is definitely...


Director/Screenwriter Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Day After Tomorrow) has come up with a winner in TRAITOR(based on an idea by Steve Martin) as evidenced by the advance press screening audience's confident...

Smart, Gripping Grown-Up Movie

By TedK817
After a great summer of lightweight fun, it's good to see a movie for the mature-minded here for the Labor Day weekend. A great story, terrific acting and tight screenplay. You're never sure (for...

Define traitor...

By ithrah
Exceptional film. The dialogue is first rate and the subject matter is handled with honesty, integrity, sincerety and above all intelligence. The acting, by the entire cast, is supurb. If you are...


By jujubeep
Excellent movie! AND GUESS WHAT, THEY DIDN'T SAY AND CUSS WORDS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE MOVIE, NO BLOOD AND GUTS, NO GRATUITOUS SEX, just a very intelligent movie. We need more of this type of movie....

Finally, a thought-provoking movie.

By April Baby
I'll be honest, I didn't want to see it---I thought it was Bourne Identity redo. In just a few minutes, I knew that this movie was different. Deeper and not so frenetic. The Post slammed the...

Not action packed, but really good

Well written, thought provoking and wonderfully acted. This movie shows how terrorists use the Muslim faith to get young victims to become martyrs and how orthodox Muslims are good God fearing...

Traitor doesn't disappoint

By momdoc60
TRAITOR was not your usual spy flick. It takes you into the heart of Islam and further, into the dark heart of religious fundalmentalism. It was unusual to have a Muslim protagonist, a true believer,...

Traitor - an atypical exploration of Muslims in the U.S. today

By GaelicLady
From a Christian point of view, this film is extremely intelligent, intriguing, thought-provoking, challenging, and a must-see with older children. It challenges our preconceived notions about...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense violent sequences, thematic material and brief language
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Common Sense Media says Uneven political thriller mixes faith, terrorism.
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