Train to Busan Synopsis
While a zombie-virus breaks out in South Korea, a couple of passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.
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Great zombie movie!

By Jessekerstetter
This movie is saying a lot about society. From class to invdividualism vs community. It's also good at playing on people's emotions because of the focus on the relationships between parents and...

Train to Busan

By San7282016740
Typical Zombie movie, but extremely well put together... Non-stop action and a bit of comedy all mixed in very WELL! Definitely would recommend to go watch the movie! I assume that there will an...


By 403268598

Mediocre Korean Zombie Movie

By lovemoviesaton
The title just about says it all. This was a sub-par movie about Korean zombies that had all of the standard character tropes: the estranged father-daughter couple, the young lovers, the young...

Absolutely Fantastic!

By dlipkin
This is really a great film. One of the better zombie movies I have ever seen. Sticks to convention in the best ways, and tugs on the heartstrings just enough to make it more than just an action...

Snowpiercer meets 28 Days Later

By theoden524
That and the airplane scene from World War Z. Excellent film...

Action packed

By tanguyen00
I'm a huge fan of this genre and very picky when it comes to zombie films but this one has it all! Easily my all time favorite zombie film. It's unfortunate that not everyone knows about this gem...

Wow, just wow! 5/5 stars for this amazing movie.

By runayuso781
A well done zombie film with all the entertainment check boxes checked. The entire 2 hour horror movie was very well balanced. I highly recommend it....

Loved the zombies and you may also cry

By Frankbasile1963

Wow! Best sub titled movie.EVER!

By stephenbraggins
For all the fathers of daughters who happen to watch this, heads'll get ya right in the feels!!!...