It's all about TRADE

By Colleilani
Written February 02, 2007
I loved this movie when I saw it in the Sundance Film Festival 07. It's a real eye opener and makes you wanna take action in all the perversion thats going on in the world today. "Trade" will make you stop and think and want to do something to stop this epidemic. It's a must-see!!!
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One of the best.

By galvezd0515
Written October 01, 2007
One of the best movies I have seen this is the kind of movie that will touch your heart and make you want to make a change in the world. Everyone needs to see this movie.
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Written October 05, 2007
This sad, shocking film makes one seriously rethink castration as a viable solution. Why are these children coming through the system and not being screened by border patrol if the problem is this big? I would think the money seized would pay for the manpower. NOT planning a trip to mexico anytime soon.....
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A MUST-SEE for everyone to learn about the dark side of globalization

By SeaPR
Written October 14, 2007
I could not take my eyes off the screen the entire time and I wanted to run at the same time. I wanted to scream the whole time but the shck was too strong to make any noise. Everyone must gain consciousness about thsi targic outcome of globalization. Saty until the end and see some official statistics on the issue. This is not a work of fiction. This a real problem that NO ONE is paying attention to. If the lack of a concerted effort by law enforcement is outrageous, it is even more heartbreaking to see the scen of the parade in Anytown, USA. What saddened me even more is that I saw this film on a Saturday night in Seattle and there was an audience of 3 in the theater. Please go and see it...
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It was so-so

By mnmoviegirl007
Written October 03, 2007
I was expecting a lot more. I saw the lifetime movie one about trafficing and it was way better. I felt that it was really slow. After seeing the tv movie, I thought this one would be better. It has a good message and everyone should see it just to open there eyes to what is going on. Its a very sad deal. The statistics at the end are mind blowing. I can't beleive governments aren't doing more.
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