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Wishing for a Fourth Installment

By dpiacente
Written June 24, 2010
I'm usually not a fan of sequels, but Pixar has done it again with Toy Story 3. Not to mention the always anticipated Pixar short film, which was the best I've seen yet (Night & Day). The end of the film left me hoping for more -- maybe some new adventures with Bonnie and Sunnyside? Overall, it was so worth the wait.
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Toy Story 3 a MUST!

By slcjdc
Written July 06, 2010
This movie was the perfect way to end the Toy Story series. Woody, Buzz and friends teach everyone young and old a true message about friendship and loyalty.
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Toy Story 3

By sandra76
Written June 19, 2010
Children enjoyed it. I liked it but didn't think it was as good as Toy Story 1 & 2. Also, for the amount of money I paid for a 3D movie I felt their was hardly any 3D in it compaired to other 3D movies I have seen.
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Toy Story <3

By Makinbacon254
Written July 04, 2010
Beautiful. It's impossible to NOT like it.
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Cute Movie But 3D Not Great

By moviemum6
Written July 02, 2010
Took my 2 granddaughters to see this and we all loved it but I was really disappointed in the 3D version of this and wished we had gone to see the regular one and saved some money. I kept lifting my glasses up as the movie had lost all of the bright fun colors your used to seeing in Toy Story and there were no real 3D effects in this at all. I don't think people should be charged extra to go see any movie in 3D as tickets are expensive enough already especially when you are going as a family. If we have to pay extra for it then it better be worth it and in this instance it took away from the fun of the movie...dull and eye straining but cute film.
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