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Most amazing ending to a trilogy

By JadedRaine
Written June 26, 2010
I am a toy story fan. my son (who is 3 1/2) is a toy story fan. We took him last year to see Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D and he loved it. We took him this time and he was just glued to the screen and loved the ending! I was so happy to see the humor and the jokes and the message the movie sent! I was in love, i laughed and laughed and i cried and cried at the end. It was terrible how bad i was crying but it was for all the right reasons. There is no way in the world they could have ended that movie any better than they did. It was everything from the old Toy Story's wrapped into a new movie. It had some old jokes and some new ones. It was just a really awesome genuine movie... and i dare anyone to say otherwise.
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Toy Story 3

By Aloha Spirit
Written June 24, 2010
Pixar does it again! Excellent movie throughout. A must see for people of all ages!
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Not for children

By Marnie100
Written June 23, 2010
Was it necessary for film makers to make this so violent for children. People think because their kids sit through this that it's ok. This is a terrible movie for kids. What was the point. Children were scared and some crying. Parents left the theatre. Where is the creativity when Disney resorts to cheap and unintelligent scences for kids.
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Perfect Disney movie AGAIN

Written July 04, 2010
Great storyline! Funny!! Kept us guessing!! No one fell asleep and can't wait to buy it on DVD!
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Amazing Movie

By crydrk
Written June 19, 2010
My favorite Pixar movie yet. Anyone who would ever criticize it in any way is just wrong. And that's not my opinion, it's fact.
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