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Toy Story 3 is like a horror movie for kids!!!! BEWARE!!

By parent-to-moviegoers
Written June 21, 2010
I took my two sons - age 5 and 3 - to see Toy Story this weekend. Contrary to what I would have thought, this movie was truly terrifying and not something that is remotely appropriate for small children. My sons were so scared - the little one cried through many scenes - but I felt I needed to keep them until the end so that at least they could see that there was a happy ending and it wasn't all death and destruction. At one point, when the toys are holding hands facing their imminent deaths from a fiery inferno of trash, I almost had to laugh at what bad judgment the movie-makers have, but then when I heard my 5-year old gasp and start to cry, I realized that it wasn't exactly funny. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE THIS TRASH!!! It is like a scary adult movie, but because it is animated, people think it is appropriate for children. It is NOT. That said, the animation is excellent. But I am 36 and can appreciate it for what it is and understand the jokes.
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Best Yet!

By kcreviews
Written June 23, 2010
I couldn't stop laughing--I couldn't stop crying. TS3 kept me on an emotional roller coaster until the credits at the end. I have heard people say that TS3 was almost as good as the other two. I couldn't disagree more. It was better, much better. A wonderful and fitting end to a great series for adults and kids alike.
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By xoxoNikiRay
Written June 30, 2010
This is one of my fav. Toy storys. It touched 'Cause I;m going off to college next year && it makes me think of the toys that I won't give up.
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Good clean fun

By KenBobPDX
Written June 25, 2010
I double dog dare anyone who has children who are about to "leave the nest" to go see this movie and not shed a few tears. Who'd have thunk I would need to bring Kleenex to see TS3!?The story line was really easy for kids to follow. The animation was first rate and the 3D added just the right touch. This is a great, clean, fun movie the whole family will enjoy.
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By ViCar11
Written June 28, 2010
I've never seen my son (3.5) sit still longer than 10 min let alone for a full movie! Other than needing to use the little boys room (once) he sat thru the entire movie! We made this a family movie day and it was a huge success. My daughter, mom, son and myself loved this movie and will pay to see it again. We paid extra for 3D but it was worth every penny! We all laughed throughout the entire movie and were entertained the entire time. This one will be a classic and will end up in our DVD/Blu Ray collection when it comes out for sale! Thank you Pixar for making such a memorable moment for our family!
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