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toy story 3

By jwelch5742
Written December 23, 2010
it got great story lines and Script and it got great beautiful score and the new song by Randy Newman and also great Sound Mixing Because they add Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound in different Theatres.
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By movieseacher35
Written July 13, 2012
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Five Word Review

By goalie_girl
Written July 22, 2010
just dont bother not worth_it
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By ke6zmy
Written July 04, 2010
Another Pixar/Disney hit. A must see. VERY entertaining. MUCH laughter. A few tears. A WONDERFUL experience had by the entire theater audience.
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Ageless movie to see & love

By Funkywhitegirl
Written July 24, 2010
My geat grandbaby, grand daughter & I LOVED THIS MOVIE! Almost everyone applauded at the end. I can't wait to buy it!!
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