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Toy Story's still got it!

By sakana
Written October 08, 2009
Toy Story was a great movie when it came out and is a great movie today. Seeing it in 3D was a lot of fun!! Pixar set the bar for movies like this and the others still haven't caught up, in my opinion. The animation is great, the story is well developed and the humor is often sophisticated. Everyone -folks of all ages - would enjoy this movie.
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Childhood Memories came rushing back

By SPF70
Written October 05, 2009
The experience of getting to see Toy Story in theatres again was great! The three hours brought back great memories from when I was a little kid watching my VHS copies in the living room. I think everyone who ever saw this movie should go to the 3D showing. The glasses just make the classic movie more interesting for the new generations of Disney-Pixar lovers. I will always love this movie and I love that I can share it with the younger kids I know in a new way.
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toy story & toy story 2 3-d

By madimas1001
Written October 12, 2009
Loved the movies even more in 3-d-- always a peasure to watch & kids had a great time!!
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toy story 1 & 2

By cajesparza
Written November 07, 2009
Great, funny, the kids loved it.
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There's a Snake in My Boot!

By BenLikesMovies
Written October 04, 2009
The 3D is amazing but not gimmicky, adding all-new depth (both figuratively and literally) to these classics. The movies themselves have not only stood the test of time, but have improved with age like fine wine. An absolute must-see! (Be sure to stick around during intermission, too!)
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