fun. but not worth the money

By matt-stephenson
Written October 07, 2009
if you own toy story 1 and 2 on DVD already. I suggest you just gather the family downstairs, get some popcorn and candy and watch them both together. that will save you $13 a ticket and with a family of 4 or so all together going to the movie would be $42 bucks plus 8 bucks for popcorn and 6 bucks for candy! The 3D quality is good... but take into consideration that this was not made for 3D. It was converted afterward... so yes, the backgrounds look 3D and the characters do as well... but there is nothing that ever "jumps out at you" like the commercials say. So in a sense... it's not too worth it. ' if you want something jumping out at you i'd wait for Toy Story 3 in 3D. That will be something special. So my recommendation still stands. Grab your family, rent the 2 movies, save $70 bucks and watch them at home together.
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By surenfun
Written October 14, 2009
my kid enjoyed lot. Really a nice movie. Remember this is a 3 hour movie.
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Five Word Review

By xavierklaw13
Written October 02, 2009
ROCKS Great movies done Right
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Huge Difference from the originals

By lnkpowell
Written October 09, 2009
We took 3 children with us ages, 4, 6 and 9 and they all LOVED the movie. The 3d images really made the movie stand out. Disney was really smart to re-release these great movies, and I highly recommend seeing them for the 1st time in a theatre or going back only because it is now in 3D.
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Toy Story and Toy Story 2... (redux)

By rjakjr
Written October 06, 2009
Before going to the theater I figured there wouldn't be much of a difference between the originals and the 3-D re-releases. I was completely blown away by the realistic look that has been added by tooling with the 2 originals. If the price wasn't so damn much I'd say it was worth every penny. My wife and I along with our 2 boys paid just under 50 bucks and that was the matinee price (3:00pm showing). Aside from the price, it was amazing--first kid's movie our boys have watched completely... BOTH movies... THREE hours of movies... yeah, that good.
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