By urbanfammn
Written October 04, 2009
I am sorry to say that this was a great disappointment. Yes, it was fun to see them back to back on the big screen. However, for the increased price of a 3D movie, there was very little 3D special effects. This was nothing more than the original movies blurred for the "effect". I do not recommend that you spend the money on this viewing, UNLESS you or your children have never seen these films. You can't go wrong with Disney/Pixar....but don't expect to see anything new or exciting here.
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If I used 5 words to rate this, they would have been

By karensaucedo
Written October 24, 2009
Not Made For 3 D. Because, that's true. The movie was not originally a 3D movie. So, the 3D is not really exciting but it was still fun to watch them back-to-back. And, it was good to watch the first 2 again in anticipation of #3. Toy Story is one of my favorite movies. The way the mannerisms were tailored after those of the people who lent their voices just lends so much realism to the characters. And, the humor is wonderful. And, #3 IS made for 3D!
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Gonna be awesome

By nana1028
Written September 28, 2009
Loved it before , cant wait for it in 3D
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too expensive and nothing new if you already own the movies

By wallysuerob
Written October 18, 2009
Great if you have never seen it or don't own it at home. My child (4 yr) and I went to matinee and they still charged us each $10. They said because it was a double feature and 3D. Nothing new was added that I could tell as far as 3D goes and glasses give me a headache! I thought I saw advertisement "2 movies for the price of 1". I was disappointed but on a rainy day with a child that loves Toy Story it was fun for him but we could have saved $30 and watched them at home.
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3D is Nothing Special

By bambampebbles917
Written October 03, 2009
I watched this on opening day, and was anticipating to see something special since I haven't watched Toy story in a few years. even though I own both on dvd and know that the common new dvd trend is for movies to come out on 3D in the theater and not come out in 3d for dvd. I thought its a special event espically since I was mad at not being able to see Nightmare before xmas last year in 3d. getting about quarter of the way I thought to my self man this really doesn't have much 3D. took my glasses off and realized they didn't really have 3d except for backgrounds and what not. No great feeling of anything coming off the screen. I really miss the OLD 3D movies where it actually had the feeling of 3D because the last 3 3D movies I seen (Monsters vs Aliens, Toy Story, Ice Age 3D) have been a huge disapointment for 3D effects.If you own the movies on DVD don't spend the money on the 3D. Should have watched Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs since I that movie had cooler special effects
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