Toys in the Attic Synopsis
A teddy bear, a mechanical mouse and a marionette join forces to save their kidnapped friend.
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There has never been a movie like this before! Words cannot describe these visuals!

By EricParkinson1
Czech animation master JIRI BARTA proves why he has been called "The European Tim Burton" with this amazing visual adventure. The premise (toys coming to life when no one is looking) is not new...

Childless critics

By luvthehorns
Is the only explanation for giving this a favorable review. This movie is un-imaginative, poorly done(saw better stop-motion done by classmates in college RTF classes) and downright boring! My 7 year...

Completely trippy movie.

By AniManFan944
I kept thinking that maybe this film is going to become a cult favorite, like Rocky Horror or other Midnight movies. The visuals are outrageous, and the creatures are way out there. Loved the little...

A very interesting, visually amazing movie

By baghdaddi
This is a movie that will likely appeal to all ages, as it combines an arresting combination of wonderful stop-action animation, with a story line that tells a cold-war story of the evil head of...

Totally trippy

By NYC Movie Guru
This should be a midnight movie, as the whole good vs. evil thing is presented with pretty bizarre creatures. Love the little earwig doctor (with the human head), and the snake-eye spy. Gets a...

worst movie EVER

By akayalee
It was disturbing and disgusting. Should NOT be on a big screen. A bunch of freaks put this mess together....

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Rated PG | For Some mild peril and brief smoking
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Common Sense Media says Foreign stop-action film blends the beautiful and grotesque.
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