Tower Heist: B

By MattH306
Written November 07, 2011
Far from perfect, but worth the price of admission.
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Tower Heist kept us laughing from start to finish

By pop-corn-enthusiast
Written November 04, 2011
I saw a preview of Tower Heist a couple of weeks ago, I imagine that the final editing might cut a few scenes. I love to laugh and never expect plausible scripts from a comedy, I'm in it for the laughs and Tower Heist delivered big time! Impressive all-star cast worked very well together, good chemistry, wonderful character development as the embezzled hotel employees plot to recover their retirement savings from a Ponzi scheme con artist, with help from a small time criminal, played by Eddie Murphy. Beautiful New York City location scenes, including fall colors in Central Park during the Thanksgiving Parade, this is a big budget comedy that spared no expense. The movie was well paced with a great score, and the plot and characters were engaging and humorous. Nearly any comedy reaches a point of improbability, I won't spoil the plot for you, but the entire film is very well produced and funny. Suitable for all ages, nothing scary (aside from the ugly truth of Ponzi Schemes).
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It is worth seeing!!!

By NubianGoddess
Written November 06, 2011
I had low expectations for this film, because Eddie Murphy has not made a good film in awhile, but I was really impressed. This was a good movie!
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Wait for Video

By ladyvett1
Written November 05, 2011
Maybe my expectations were too high, but I thought this movie could have been much better and much funnier. Actually, I only laughed a couple of times. It started out kind of slow and never really picked up much speed. The only scenes that made me chuckle were the ones with Gabourney Sibide. Other than that, nothing. I am a true Eddie Murphy fan and have enjoyed most of his previous work, but his acting in the movie was overdone and forced. He didn't come across as a natural like he has in the past. He seemed to be trying too hard. This would have been a good rental movie at Redbox for $1, but paying $8-10 at the box office is a rip-off.
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Sticking it

By La_Reina
Written November 05, 2011
Modern day Robin Hood with a twist. The actors have matured so there's not a lot of the slap-stick comedy, but still a good film. Not a lot of cussing, nudity or sex. Relevant for today considering the economy.
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